Banco Agricola Trusts Its Notification’s Strategy to Latinia

El Salvador, February 8th, 2018.– Banco Agricola and Latinia, the Spanish multichannel financial notification’s software vendor, have announced their new agreement by which the main bank in El Salvador bases its new notification strategy on the software of the Catalan company.

“At Banco Agricola we keep innovating for our clients, thus we are very excited to start working with Latinia, a global leader in its product category, who will help us to refocus our multichannel notification strategy,” announced Claudio Góchez, Director of Channels Strategy at Banco Agricola. For his part, Daniel Aguilar, Latinia‘s VP of Sales in the region said: “We are very proud to add Banco Agricola to our client’s portfolio and we appreciate the trust they have placed in our technology. Banco Agricola has an undeniable relevance in El Salvador and is part of the giant Grupo Bancolombia, with a strong presence throughout the region. ”

Banco Agricola is the largest bank in El Salvador in terms of number of clients, loans, deposits and assets. Result of its focus on maintaining long-term and trusting relationships with its clients, the bank establishes strategic alliances with leading vendors to stay closer to their customers’ needs. “We currently need a partner to help us to continue consolidating the reliability and trust on our notification channels, and to foresee in advance what will happen in these areas in the future, because we are an organization that seeks to anticipate the needs of our clients by reinforcing its satisfaction and customer service experience, “said Claudio Góchez of Banco Agrícola.

This fact turns Latinia as an ideal partner for the bank, since it works in the channels that are currently active in the market and in the years to come. “Latinia answers the question of what do I need to notify and to whom, or when and through which channels, all in real time, issues that are critical today to achieve a real multi-channel notification strategy for any financial institution,” confirmed Aguilar.

Latinia maintains an intense activity in Central America, where it has clients such as FICOHSA (Honduras, Guatemala and Panama), Banco Industrial in Guatemala, and Banco Nacional in Costa Rica, as well as it is annually transacting more than 1,500 ml.  financial notifications. The company is betting on a new line of products based on cross-selling on the current notifications, based on the user’s context, that has already had an excellent acceptance among its customer base.

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