Banco de Bogota boosts its mobile banking hand in hand with Latinia

Bogota, March 14, 2013. – “Technological developments have become allies of bank customers, by having applications that allow them to stay informed about the use of their financial products. In this regard, Banco de Bogota works closely with Latinia, a company with its roots in Catalonia specializing in innovative software infrastructure solutions that provide access to the financial institution’s mobile channel to its customers,” the bank claimed regarding the collaboration that bonds them to Latinia.

“Mobile banking is so important in our relationship with our customers that they find answers to their financial needs in technological applications on a daily basis. Therefore, we have been working for several years with Latinia in order to provide solutions that bring customers of Banco de Bogota closer to this service,” the financial institution’s sources said.

According to Banco de Bogota “contacting our customers intelligently is one of our priorities and in this process we have Latinia as a technology partner. Meanwhile, Daniel Aguilar, Latinia’s business manager in the region, said that Latinia’s experience and leadership allow them to be allies of Banco de Bogota and stressed “that the approach to the mobile channel by financial institutions requires understanding the meaning and nature of all technologies that co-exist and converge in a terminal. Mobile banking allows endless possibilities, so it should be clear that mobile channels are designed as a platform for accessing the bank and its customers’ needs. Knowing how to combine both requires technological maturity and strategic vision, and Banco de Bogota has both,” the senior executive said.

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