Banco Industrial Partners Latinia

Guatemala, February 28th, 2018.– Latinia, the Spanish multichannel financial notification’s software vendor, announced today that Banco Industrial, the most important financial institution in Guatemala, and one of the largest in Central America, has selected them as its new software notification’s vendor provider. “Banco Industrial is always looking for innovation and given the times we live in where communication with our customers is one of the fundamental pillars of our business, we have chosen Latinia’s solution to ensure that this communication is efficient for both the bank and for our clients, said Carlos Vides, Deputy Manager of Digital Banking.

“We are fully aware of Latinia’s experience and we know that we make the right decision to be perfectly equipped to grow in the future in the notifications’ arena, which speeds up the transmission of sensitive information in real time to our users,” Vides assured. Latinia’s  software will be used both to serve the Bank in Guatemala and in the other countries where the bank has presence and operations.

For Latinia, and in the words of its Vice President of Sales for Latin America, Daniel Aguilar, “it is a double honor to have Banco Industrial in our client’s portfolio, as well as a huge challenge; we have signed with the first bank in the country, what also means that in our client’s portfolio are represented all first country banks in Central America right now, what also represents an important stimulus to guarantee its leadership as an innovative bank in terms of notifications’ channels “. Banco Industrial has acquired LIMSP © SDP 360º, a unified notification’s solution that generates multichannel messages based on the preferences of the bank and its clients, providing the financial institution with the technological base on which to deploy the most advanced strategies on mobility.


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