Bancoppel propels its business with the support of Latinia

Mexico City, April 9, 2013. – “Each Bancoppel customer directly or indirectly generates a large amount of financial information from its activity on a daily basis; these data contain relevant facts that are potentially notifiable. Multiply that reality by 10 million, which is the total number of Bancoppel customers and you will understand the challenge that Latinia has faced”, the Bancoppel Systems Manager said when evaluating the work carried out by the software vendor’s LIMSP© solution.

“Through the rapid growth of Bancoppel, as we have attracted 2 million customers since we have been exploiting LIMSP©, the stress that Latinia infrastructure has been subjected to has been significant, responding to the last event as if it were the first to analyze and filter. This gives us great confidence for future growth with Latinia as a technology partner,” Gerardo Villar said.

“We analyze, filter, capture and assemble notifications containing sensitive information for the interests of the Bancoppel customer, which he, or the bank itself, have identified as significant, either due to a safety issue or the desire to be informed of his finances in real time,” said Francesc Pérez, Latinia Business Manager, in relation to the solution offered to Bancoppel.

“We must understand the notifications services to our customers in the context of an extremely intense business activity, where having real-time information is more critical than in any other context, both for the customer and Bancoppel. That cash machine withdrawal, or payment in a supermarket, deserve applying every ounce of our business intelligence in contextualizing that operation and determining, based on relevant criteria, which must be notified or not to our customers,” the bank’s systems director concluded.

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