Caixa Penedès and MAP, Latinia’s new clients

Latinia has just announced the incorporation into its customer portfolio of Caixa Penedès and the Ministry of Territorial Policy (former MAP) for operating the SMS mobile channel in its communications and business processes. “Beyond being two new and important references, they are especially so because they open and identify two niches where we had a lesser presence up to now, if we compare it to the layer of autonomous governments, with 8 references or large-scale banking, with a few more”, noted Francesc Perez, the software vendor’s business development manager.

In terms of adopting the mobile channel, the size factor is inversely proportional in one sector or another. “In the Public Sector, the main promoter of the SMS channel are the city councils, then the autonomous governments (these are already the target of Latinia products) and finally the Spanish Administration (AGE in Spanish) in a bottom-up trend. In financial institutions, the adoption degree and pace has been the inverse (top down) from the first day, the large banks were the ones who led, with their initiatives, the operation of the mobile channel, to gradually fan out as a contact option with their customers at smaller institutions”, Perez pointed out. “In the case of government, it represents a heavy-duty reference, at the AGE layer, and at financial institutions it represents the opportunity to work with a leading institution in its segment”.

Latinia is currently immersed in two major projects. On the one hand, it just launched its new line of middleware products for managing e-mail on the market, and on the other hand, developing, since last year, its expansion in Latin America where it already has the top references (Banco Santander in Puerto Rico and Telefónica Internacional).

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