Customer Experience remains the main priority of Latin American banking

Latin America, January 23rd, 2019.- Latinia, multichannel notification software vendor for financial institutions, has just unleashed its 2019 Annual Survey conducted among top financial institutions in Latin America and Spain. The results highlight that Customer Experience (CX) and the new means of payment, such as mobile wallets or QR codes, are positioned as the two main strategic and investment areas in financial institutions, to address the Digital Transformation this year. The survey was conducted during January in banks from more than 17 countries and close to 500 executives in the region.

This year we could see a deviation in the index, since although the customer experience ratio is maintained since 2017, the mobile banking one, that two years ago was one of the main investment priorities, today has moved to a less prominent place , giving room to new formats of means of payment, “said Oriol Ros, Global Marketing Director of Latinia.

For Latinia, both the Customer Experience and the New Means of Payment are indicators that have a common link: the so-called ‘invisible banking’. Payments tend to seek as little friction as possible with the client to facilitate their recurrence and activity, leading in many cases to the loss of the bank’s visibility as a leading brand. “Experiences like Uber or iTunes, where the user does not have the slightest perception of paying, wrapped in a single service experience, favor traffic and the amount of payments, but at the expense of generating brand’s invisibility behind the mean of payment, “says the executive.

To recover that brand presence, the manufacturer indicates that it is key to generate a “before and after” transaction momentum. “Notifications can stimulate the client with personalized offers, where it takes advantage of the context, that is, where it is, what time of day it is, its financial profile, and where the appropriate content is delivered to the client at the right moment. You can also work later on through rewards and loyalty programs. In other words, you have to take advantage of analytics to get to know the customer and be timely with your offers and their needs, “concludes Ros.

Other results of the survey indicate that the Omnichannel, new Bank Apps and the current of messaging and notifications services, are important priorities for banking in the region.


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