The mobile channel, omnipresent in Spanish banking

Only one of the 50 main Spanish financial institutions does not have any type of mobile service in its offering of financial services. Ninety-eight percent of those top 50 institutions have at least one mobile financial service (MFS) in its multi-channel selection (penetrations of 92% in SMS and 65% in WAP), 62% has at least two technologies (SMS and WAP) in their offer, and up to 10 institutions offer MFS via three different technology (SMS WAP navigation and microapplications). The channel’s maturity, already perceptible in this last section, reached its peak with 7 institutions that offer 5 or more mobile alternatives to communicate or make transactions. These are the latest results of the 3rd “Banking and Mobility” Study conducted by Latinia among the top 50 banks, savings banks and credit institutions at present in the second quarter of this financial year.“The WHAT of mobile technology itself is no longer being discussed. We are in a phase where Spanish financial institutions have focused on the HOW; how to operate as efficiently as possible, its portfolio of services; how to focus on the business aspects of their current and new services and not on logic or technological complexities, assuming that this role must remain in the hands of the IT infrastructures that provide them the peace of mind of the most efficient operation and in the best conditions. After some intense years of launches that attempted to sustain or feel out a demand that has responded to them manifold, users have determined that the mobile device was a channel to bear in mind of extreme convenience to communicate with them – any way you look at it”, according to Oriol Ros, Latinia’s marketing director.

The study was conducted by analyzing the multiple technologies that mobility can contribute within an institution; from the best known ones with the most intensive use such as SMS messaging, conceptualized as SMS Banking to WAP navigation systems (mobile portal), including those institutions that have recently committed to the iPhone version (one out of three that has a Wap portal) to other formulas such as payments and remittances (third-party cooperatives like Hal-Cash or Pago Amigo, although very heavily leaning toward smaller-sized institutions), mobile ticketing, two-dimensional codes, electronic signature or developments in the customer’s own SIM.

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