“The MWC has enabled us to certify the industry’s confidence in using mobile devices as a method of payment”

“Fewer terminals, more services, many application stores -after the model launched by Apple with the iPhone (without official representation but quite present)- and especially many mobile device-related initiatives such as method of payment”. These would be some of Latinia’s main conclusions on the now closed Mobile World Congress (MWC) that took place in Barcelona last week and brought together nearly 50,000 attendees, somewhat less than the last time, but in spite of the situation, it once more demonstrated its force and leadership as one of the world economy’s driving forces.

The Latinia executives attending the event underlined Nokia’s and Microsoft’s commitment to following the wake formed by the launch of service and application ecosystems surrounding their devices. This “no doubt will expedite and spur market development. It is no coincidence that the industry’s leading players are coinciding on what seems to be something more than a trend: app stores. It is not the first time that we see commitments with this profile, but it is the first time that we have observed a certain fit between all the pieces and a coherent business model that benefits suppliers, vendors and operators”.

“Likewise, and this is no longer a trend, but rather a proven fact as it already has a more than reasonable volume of initiatives to think that this is yet another alternative to the many ones that have appeared during the past years, we have certified a noticeable presence of companies operating with NFC (Near Field Communication) as mobile device-supported payment technology.

We have also had the occasion to see ourselves with companies that supplement our value proposal, especially in the area of system integrators for Latin America where the company began operations last year. Even though the fair is not focused on financial institutions or the public sector, which are our two main sectors, it has been of use to us as a new contact point for the customers we have open processes with. It has also helped us to deepen relationships with companies interested in taking our product to Latin America where mobile banking is already more than the initiative of four large banks”.

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