Experiences must be prioritized over channels

Bogotá, July 2nd, 2019. – Latinia, financial multi-channel notification’s software vendor, unveils the results of its 11th annual report on Mobile Banking and Social Networks, highlighting ‘the importance of experiences over channels’, as well as’ the move to the back-office of artificial intelligence after its burst in the form of chatbots last year. ‘ The report analyzed the multichannel offer of 100 banks of “The 250 Largest Banks in Latin America,” according to the América Economia Intelligence index.

Financial institutions are multiplying the points of contact with the customer, which effectively allow diversifying the financial services offered by banks, but can also lead us to the misunderstanding of losing sight of the customer by focusing too much on the channels, whose purpose is none other than the generation of experiences, that is, we are wrong if we understand channels as an end and not as a means. More channels are no more windows, windows may just open when understanding the financial context of the client’, stated Oriol Ros, Latinia’s marketing manager.

Artificial intelligence has continued to grow strong, but not hand in hand with  chatbots, that is, it has continued to be incorporated into banking, but in the bank’s  boiler room (back-office) and not in the window with the client (that is to say chatbots in the front-office), with the idea of ​​improving their experience and knowing more and better their consumption patterns. Thus, at least 40% of the main 100 banks in Latin America have already bet on A.I.’. This, together with push notifications, take over the multichannel growth of banking technologies that have reached their technical penetration ceiling, such as Apps or mobile web banking, which will face a greater challenge if possible; improve the user experience.’, asserted Ros.

We have also seen less noise in the ‘social’ room, in line, perhaps, with the more modest growth of the networks analyzed. It remains a channel for the future, but very conditioned by external factors that restrict its development, such as the privacy problems that have arisen in recent months around Facebook. The financial follower grows as the network grows organically, as well it is a channel with visibility and a conversation window, but far away is still the moment when Facebook or Twitter are platforms where financial services operate as clients do in other channels.’


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