Grupo Banco Popular and Latinia set their sights on mobile devices as the “main character” for this year

Latinia, a company specializing in software infrastructure and Grupo Banco Popular, that has based its SMS banking strategy on one of Latinia’s products since 2006 are setting their sights on a 2009 “where mobility and more specifically SMS banking are going to stand out as one of the main financial service channels demanded by our customers”, pointed out Enrique Martínez Martín, the institution’s mobile banking director. Grupo Banco Popular recently reinforced its mobility division with the launch of its mobile portal adapted to the new, cutting-edge iPhone-like devices as well as with the deployment of a hands-on Bluetooth-based marketing pilot

“Mobile financial services and specifically SMS messaging continue to grow by the month. Operators renew their dedicated infrastructures, and manufacturers are working hard to offer new value-added functionalities on issues and policies of conformity, traceability or greater business intelligence applied to communications” stated Oriol Ros, Latinia’s marketing manager. “For instance, we were recently able to confirm the brilliant future awaiting mobile banking during the Mobile World Congress (MWC). There, it was confirmed that the mobile device will be the payment tool of the future”, added Ros.

“The current economic situation advises the use of channels that demand the least possible time consumption for our customers, and at the same time, the least cost for the bank. Efficient communication channels are now more necessary than ever. They are even surprising us as an innovative and useful tool in managing areas”, continued Martínez.

“Customers do not always have the ability to bank in person, and mobile devices offer them complete availability, immediacy, efficiency and maximum security guarantees in their transactions. Therefore, at Grupo Banco Popular, we feel that they will have a leading role throughout 2009. They will be quite visibly positioned in our multi-channel commitment”, stated Grupo Banco Popular’s mobile channel manager. “We understand mobility, specifically mobile messaging as an excellent tool for promoting our customer-centric orientation, because it is complementary with other channels, physical or virtual, because of its ability to personalize information and because of its potential to promote self service among our customers”, Martínez also pointed out. “Latinia’s platform products fit in with our desire to grow. They are also technology partners that are quite aware of our needs, and they are a great vision with regard to mobility in financial settings.”

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