Latinia adds Facebook Messenger notifications to its multichannel offer

Barcelona, 7th June 2016.- Adding any new emerging notification’s channel to LIMSP©
represents a very natural step for our flagship product LIMSP©, that bases its value prop on adding new channels on an agile and seamless manner to our clients to ease them to exploit them as soon as possible with their own clients. It was a matter of time the Facebook unleashed its Messenger APIs considering latest B2C market movements from other platforms and messaging Apps”, stated Oriol Ros, Marketing Manager at Latinia.

“Channel’s attractiveness is undeniable, beyond the cliché that it is very native to Millennials. Frictionless rules when the user has to subscribe to a notification’s service, and the technology seems to be born to absorb automatic-type processes to release the bot for more advising practices with the customer, Ros continued.

As prized as it is your brand visibility into your customer’s cell home screen that adding another notification’s channel represents a total blessing for you as a bank, obsessed to be closer to your customers, so what a better place to be that where your customers are, Facebook’s Messenger”, Ros finalized.

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