Latinia at the Finance Forum: “We can only be relevant to the customer by working their context”

Valencia, February 16, 2012.- “In an economy where the legal tender is matter of attention, and becoming increasingly scarcer, we have no other option than to be relevant, which in part, involves working on and understanding the context of our customers, an inexhaustible source of insights”, said Oriol Ros, marketing manager of Latinia, in his presentation on “how to do business in a multichannel environment”, within the framework of the Finance Forum, which is currently being held in the city of Valencia (Spain).

Ros spoke of on how, starting from an information type notification, the financial institutions, by taking advantage of this subscription service, “should endeavor to launch more attractive proposals” to their customers, based on specific knowledge of their financial reality, and within the temporary-space context of the event generated. “The application of sociodemographic data that we have of each customer, or the knowledge of their liabilities, should entail a lot more than just inviting them to visit our portal when notifying them regarding their wage payment”, insisted Ros.

“Not only are there no two customers alike; neither are there two moments alike in their financial life; there is always something relevant for their interests that we should be capable of noticing and communicating to them. Only in this manner will we regain their attention and better monitor their activity, thus accelerating their life cycle as customers within the bank”, continued Ros.

“Likewise, now that institutions have made an effort to become multichannel, so that each time their customers want to contact them they can do it through all kinds of channels, both physical as well as virtual, making convenience almost a dogmatic belief, this is the time to re-engineer the multichannel strategy into an output format; we need to take another look at it and endeavor to better understand our customers’ presence and availability each time we need to tell them something; by delivering a notification through the correct channel, without the customer having to specify it, will enable us to earn their most valuable asset, their attention”, concluded Ros.

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