Latinia attains the ADVANCED category in the IBM Partner World

Latinia, a company specializing in software infrastructure for mobility just obtained the IBM Partner World advanced level “thus intensifying our commitment with one of the leading companies in the world in sectors where Latinia operates such as financial institutions and govermnet” according to Marc Alcón, the platform product vendor’s CTO.
“IBM’s experience and how complementary its products are with Latinia have a desired effect in deployments and implementation that are faster and more effective by cutting back startup times by using standard products that noticeably lighten the load of client training with regard to managing and administrating the solution”, according to Alcón.

“Our level of cooperation will allow us to obtain greater rewards both in sales and in the approach we are going to make to the market as we have IBM’s support and its vast network of contacts around the world. It can thus enable our experiences to reach markets like Latin America where Latinia is beginning to get a foothold. Generating demand, cooperating in innovation and increasing our impact on those markets are the three axes where we will work together with IBM”, stated Latinia’s top technical manager.

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