Latinia backs 3rd FINNOSUMMIT México

Mexico DF, September 19th, 2016.- “Almost every type of financial activity is being re-imagined by startups, gaining an awesome media attention and rebooting a bicentennial industry unaccustomed to such shocking movements. Meanwhile, the old guard is trying to solve a puzzle presented by the fintech revolution. We truly believe this is not a friend or foe game but a fact that there’s a lot of more innovation being played outside traditional financial institutions and every player must take advantage of it. There’s a lot at stake and Latinia wants its cut, so we have decided to keep sponsoring the 3rd Edition of FINNOSUMMIT Méxic”, said Oriol Ros, Latinia’s Marketing Manager.

Finnovista was founded at the end of 2012 by a group of entrepreneurial professionals with backgrounds in digital technology, venture capital and financial institutions, for the purpose of exploiting the entrepreneurial driven trend of digital transformation to facilitate the creation of a better financial services industry.

The success that followed the two previous editions celebrated in the Mexican capital and three other events celebrated in the region, where more than 1.500 people participated, are proof of the achievements and the high standards that this event has already set, establishing itself as an essential meeting point for professionals and experts of the Fintech industry in Latin America. Finnovista is the organizer having put on similar Fintech events, Europe and Latin America, where more than 3.000 entrepreneurs of the financial industry have had the opportunity to participate.

Finnosummit offers the opportunity to its more than 500 attendees the opportunity to discover the most innovative startups, that are capable of revolutionizing the future of the financial services industry hand in hand with the entrepreneurs, executives and investors, that are redefining the financial services industry with the help of the disruptions Latin American startups have brought to the region, making it more inclusive, innovative, and approachable to clients.

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