Latinia, from the CL@B of Panama: “SMS banking is contributing decisively for improving the efficiency of financial entities”

“Our clients can assert beyond a doubt that SMS banking is helping them in a very convincing way to improve efficiency ratios and cost savings, with investment returns of more than 150%”. That is how Francesc Perez, business manager of Latinia, positively expressed his convictions in his speech “SMS Mobile Banking; more than just sending messages”, in the X Strategic Congress of Technology and Financial Marketing (CL@B), which is currently being held in the City of Panama, and wherein Latinia has an important role as exhibitor and speaker. This is the third time that the company participates in the congress, which is holding its tenth edition having become the epicenter for the interchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences regarding technological solutions applied to the Latin American financial environment. The same is organized, as on previous occasions, by the Latin American Federation of Banks (FELABAN).

“SMS banking services, being developed over our infrastructure solutions, have allowed Latinia’s clients to adapt the mobile channel to the processes of their entities in an expedient and flexible manner, generating atypical income for the bank and reducing both fraud as well as regular operating costs”, said Pérez as he continued on with his speech regarding the success of the Grupo Banco Popular, followed by scores of executives of diverse technological areas and marketing of all the Latin American region.

“Specific processes, such as the recurring calls to the call centre, predictable from the log and profiling of the client, assume an important resource consumption cost for the entity. If these operations can be transferred to a less costly channel, such as a short message to the client when payroll deposit has been made, an important cost reduction is achieved by having freed-up an ‘expensive’ channel, such as the customer care centre, in order to devote the same to processes of greater commercial value to the bank, changing from a cost centre to a profit centre”, insisted the senior executive of the Catalonian software company in the region.

“Another eye-opening example”, said Pérez, “is the reduction of operating costs that is generated with the notifications regarding potential fraud with some card, due to odd behavior in movement, wherefore from one issue -and what an issue!-, we obtain an attractive added value for the client. The satisfaction and valuation of the channel provided by Banco Popular to its clients for example, obtains a rating of 8.5 points over 10, way above the valuation obtained by other channels”, said Francesc Pérez in the end. “Therefore, between cost reductions, new sources of income, and the aforesaid strengthening of client loyalty, banks such as el Popular, consolidate investment return figures of over 150%”, said the executive in his ending remarks.

Latinia started its expansion throughout Latin America in 2008, and already has clients in the region such as Redeban Multicolor or Banco de Bogotá in Colombia, Banco Santander in Puerto Rico or Telefónica Internacional (TISA), to which it provides mobile infrastructure for exploiting their messaging services.

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