Latinia Expands its Borders with a Global Proposal and the Signing of a Growth Manager

Barcelona, April 20th, 2021: “The pandemic has definitely accelerated banks’ digital transformation processes. If we take into account the new proposal for our Cloud-based product deployment, which will facilitate a more agile and seamless rollout, our expansion beyond the Spanish-speaking markets where we already have a very significant presence, seemed very natural,” announced Francesc Pérez, the director of the decision-making software products vendor Latinia. As a result of said expansion, the Catalan vendor, which specializes in filtering and analyzing financial transactional events and customer intelligence data, has hired Jérémie Hebrard, who will lead the process by taking direct responsibility for EMEA.

“For most of us, the pandemic has necessitated an important shift in thinking regarding sales—we’re depending less on face-to-face sales and more on using remote or online tools. This is a key area in which Jérémie Hebrard brings a lot of value to the table. This has also coincided with the launch of our new Cloud-based proposal which, for implementation purposes, is a perfect match for the current context we find ourselves in. In that sense, the pandemic has essentially fast-tracked the proposal which we had originally planned to launch throughout 2021, but due to the circumstances the demand for it has accelerated drastically. We could say that we—being supporters of the digital transformation of financial institutions—have also accelerated our own business transformation processes,” concluded Pérez.

Hebrard, a computational engineer with experience as both a pre-sales engineer and on the delivery side, will be in charge of the EMEA markets, where he has experience due to his various stints working for different multi-channel, offer-driven companies. “EMEA represents an exciting space for growth. Banking is undergoing a tremendous technological leap there and we plan to participate in it by contributing our extensive experience in both the European and LatAm markets where, as a result of using our products, more than 170 million customers enjoy the notification services provided by their banks on a daily basis,” commented Hebrard.

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