Latinia extends its multichannel alert products to TV Banking

BARCELONA, July 5, 2012/PRNewswire/

“The success of the now-ubiquitous “apps” has opened up a whole new world of possibilities which reach far beyond smartphones; applications, and consequently their inseparable push alert systems, have found a natural extension of their original value prop in the smart televisions’ ecosystem. Here at Latinia, we have chosen to focus our innovation efforts at the communication’s extreme, launching the world’s first multi-platform TV Banking notification’s system through our LIMSP© multichannel delivery products”, says Marc Alcón, Latinia’s head of technology.

“It involves a concept similar to that of the smartphone: in the same way that apps have revolutionized our interactions with the smartphone terminal, Smart TV applications will completely change our interactions with the medium of television. Applying the logic of notifications to another kind of smart device in conjunction with smartphone push alert know-how complements our multichannel DNA, which ranges from more conventional text or electronic messages to highly innovative direct messaging on Twitter or smart messaging, such as push notifications or TV Banking alerts”, adds Alcón.

“Media convergence, which is our direction of travel, encourages the use of multichannel products such as ours, where we deliver to each channel what it potentially can and should receive, while at the same time informing and redirecting the customer to the channel where he can consume the remaining content. A notification on a Smart TV screen indicating that there is content waiting to be opened on a tablet or a mobile is the best example of this”, explains the head of innovation at the Catalan software company.

“Of course, even though the way we consume television content is changing radically, from family gatherings around a single device towards individualized viewing, televisions will never offer the same intimate consumer experience as telephone do. For that reason, it is vital to understand the nature and profile of the services we’re developing. We do not send content to a screen showing the description and amount of a retail financial service; rather, we send a notification that a transaction has taken place and it is available for the customer to view it. In this sense, the notification is, above all, a message courier service”, stresses Alcón.

The various delivery channels that can be used for push notifications require the relevant entity to possess in-depth knowledge of the customer’s so-called “consumer moment”; an understanding of context will give rise to infinite opportunities to generate hugely rewarding consumer experiences. The customer is surrounded by an array of spatial and temporal variables and TV content options – whatever she may be watching – which also make the extension of alerts into real-time cross-selling offerings a very natural value prop”, concludes the software company’s head of technology.

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