Latinia includes real time cross-selling in its financial notifications

Barcelona, 24 July 2012. “Although there was a time when mobility meant cost savings, we are increasingly aware that our clients demand imagination and innovation to increase their earnings; our answer is to include real time cross-selling in our communications with clients.” This is how Oriol Ros, Marketing Manager at Latinia, summarises the software provider’s new package.

This new venture is based on one principal idea: to understand the client’s context, from their spatial-temporal coordinates to financial situation, with the aim of providing them with interesting information following any financial operation. “Identifying these variables helps make our messages more relevant and recapture clients’ attention. We can even recover the long-forgotten idea that ‘the bank is actually thinking about me”, continues Ros. We pick the right moment, following any financial operation initiated by the client, from getting money out of an ATM to making a payment, to then send them a message relating to their present and future financial situation.

“Clients belong to a particular segment and banks know with great certainty which products they will use in the future throughout their lives; we simply accelerate the process, helping the bank better monetize its clients’ financial activities,” he says.

From a product viewpoint, we close a circle that begins by filtering and capturing any financial operation generated by a client, which we then configure, complying with certain business rules, as a cross-selling proposal, which depends on the different context variables available to us.

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