Latinia incorporates a template management module for email and SMS into LIMSP©

Latinia has just incorporated within its commercial offering of LIMSP© products, a new template management module. The same whereof will enable the transformation and conversion of content of the transactions generated from the client services, “the raw data”, into standard communication formats, “with just a little effort”, whether email or text messages. The new module likewise enables a Multilanguage dissemination based on the same content (XML).

“This step fully connects with our roadmap policy of facilitating the adaptation of the client to the channel and not the other way around. That is, the client should not have to make an effort of adapting to the new environment, rather his incorporation -in a service format- happens in the most expedient and efficient manner possible, reusing the business logic already available”, according to company sources. The information arrives as XML to the template module, and then it may be applied to the different types of transactions utilized regularly by LIMSP© clients, whether SMS or email.

There is a double benefit for the clients, on one hand it eliminates the effort spent in adapting the original application data to each technology, each one with its specifications and requirements, thus being able to focus resources on developing the service business logic and not on adapting the same to any new mean or channel. On the other hand, with centralized management, the client gains visibility and uniformity in service exploitation, therefore, efficiency in the use of the channel.

“We shouldn’t think only in the wealth contributed to a channel or technology with more graphic possibilities such as email. It is likewise impressive to see how massive processes originating in XML end up as SMS messages, personalized with minimal effort by the client, simply by formatting the transactions generated from the applications of the entity or institution with the new template tool”, according to Latinia.

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