Latinia integrates electronic certification

“Our clients are now able to electronically certify their communications thanks to a new module developed for the integration of LIMSP© against @firma, the platform promoted by the Ministry of Presidency, and other certification solutions present in Spanish territory. “By way of this module, the clients of LIMSP© have access to the signature services of the selected certification provider in a tremendously agile form, given that it is original to LIMSP©, adding another layer of value to our infrastructure product lineup”, assured Francesc Perez yesterday, person in charge of business of Latinia.
“The inclusion of electronic certification in our product proposal is quite natural, allowing our clients to forget about ad hoc developments ‘application by application’ for certifying their services, the modus operandi which they should follow if they did not have this new module of LIMSP©, being able to focus on tagging within their actual product console, by sharing a single bus wherein the transactions, from among all the business logic they feed on, are now additionally able to be identified with signature order or certification”, said Perez as he continued presenting the new functionality of LIMSP©.

“Among the competencies of Public Administrations in matters of electronic administration, is that of obtaining optimum levels of quality, expediency and performance of the telematic services made available to citizens and companies, wherein this new piece, placed at the disposal of all of our clients, is perfectly aligned with this mission”, indicated the maximum person in charge of business of the software manufacturer. The aim of the module is the signing of the status reports of the finished message and its content, thus obtaining the certification of its duration and integrity.

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