Latinia intensifies its activity in Latin America by opening business offices and an operations center

Bogota, April 23, 2012.- Latinia, an infrastructure software vendor for financial institutions, specializing in real time processing notifications, has announced the opening of a new Operations center in Colombia as well as business offices in Bogota. “The two driving forces behind this decision have been to meet the growing demand generated by the regional market, while, at the same time, increasing in efficiency, attention and proximity to our current customers”, as stated by the management of Latinia.

The business office, with pan regional scope and coverage, will be managed by Daniel Aguilar, systems engineer and graduate in project management, with extensive experience in the marketing of software products and solutions for financial institutions. Aguilar, fully convinced of the potential of Latinia’s solutions in the region, specified that, “the financial market, which is making headway very quickly in the multichannel system, both regarding the offer as well as the demand, where consumers are increasingly more demanding and perceptible to the convenience that the different bank channels should offer them, and, to that effect, Latinia is capable of contributing great advantages”.

Moreover, the Operations center will provide coverage in support, operations and project management for all the activities throughout the region. “Colombia is a perfect hub for us, given that its geographical location enables us to attend customers and their needs from Mexico, through Central America and to the main countries where Latinia has interests”, pointed out the management of the software vendor. Likewise, the Operations center will strengthen the Quality & Testing areas as well as product benchmarking.

This company based movement, which already has significant representation in leading financial institutions in Colombia, Chile and Mexico, shows evidence of “our strong engagement with the region, a cornerstone of our growth. An important percentage of recurring revenues are already secured for Latina in the region, while, at the same time, there are still many institutions that do not have a unified and convergent selection of multichannel notifications for achieving the creation of business opportunities, which would enable them to accelerate the life cycle of their customers in the institution, the final aim of our products”.

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