Latinia, attending Movilforum Latinoamerica

Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday March 24, 2010 – Latinia, vendor of platform products for the development and integration of mobile financial services, is in Rio de Janeiro attending the Feria Movilforum Latinoamérica, an initiative of Telefónica and Vivo to promote collaboration between the carrier and the business community to develop services and applications based on cellular technologies. At the event, Latinia will present its success case in SMS Banking together with Grupo Banco Popular.

Latinia is southern Europe’s main vendor of middleware products for integrating mobile financial services based on SMS messaging, with customers such as La Caixa, Caja España, Santander, BBVA, Caixa Penedès, Grupo Banco Popular, 4b and Redeban. With Latinia products implemented in banking segment customers, some 100 million financial SMS transactions were made in a year, “a very relevant percentage of the total,” according to company sources.

“The event is presented as a magnificent opportunity to meet with the main financial institutions in the region, attracted undoubtedly by the abundant range of solutions that the Telefónica partners have in other geographic markets, but with full application in Latin America, or new product presentations,” stated Francesc Perez, business manager of the Spanish software firm. “Without a doubt, companies in the region have benefited extensively from the experience of partners with a long history in other markets, such as Europe, enabling them to cover the same ground in less time, as a product of this learning and knowledge acquired by the provider,” Perez ended.

Latinia has participated in the Telefónica partners program in Spain since 2001, having garnered great success from a broad and continued relationship with the carrier. Movilforum already has a presence in 15 countries in the Americas and Europe, and is the largest community of solutions for companies in the market.

Last year, Latinia began to expand in the Latin American region, beginning with Mexico, Chile and Colombia. Latinia already has some clients in the region, such as Banco Santander in Puerto Rico (BSPR), Telefónica Internacional (TISA), and the Colombian payment method company Redeban Multicolor, which it supplies with mobile infrastructure for its messaging services.

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