Latinia, top leading CVC fintech investor in Latin America

Mexico City, January 13th, 2020.- Latinia, the financial notification’s software vendor, has recently become the corporate venture firm funding more fintech projects in Latin America, specifically in Mexico, complementing its activity as a software vendor for financial institutions. Both the recent report by Finnovista and Lendit ‘Latin America Global Investors’ New Fintech Frontier’, as well as by ALLVP intelligence monitoring, the pioneer and leading Venture Capital fund in Mexico, authenticate the milestone.

We are frequently asked about why a software vendor like Latinia invests in fintech. In our case, several reasons have led us to make this decision, one of them the upgrade that banks, whom we work with, often demand us to be more than a software vendor: they want a partner. Financial institutions want a knowledge partner whom to ask, which is the best lending-as-a-service fintech in Peru, or what is the most challenging bank performing in Mexico? When your relationship is so close as the one we have with our customers, they often demand not only a best-in-class product but a deep knowledge about what’s going on out there in the fintech arena,” explains Oriol Ros, director of corporate development for Latinia.

To date, Latinia has funded 45 fintech companies through Startupbootcamp as a partner through its acceleration and scaling programs in fintech startups, as well as backed directly eight Mexican companies or with operations in the Aztec country. These include Dapp (payments), Facturedo (SME lending), Prestanomico (lending-as a-service), Flink (neobank), Tu Identidad (biometrics), UALET (robo-advisor), Prometeo (Open Banking) and Belvo (Open Banking).

“Latinia will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020, so our experience, past mistakes and market shortcuts as a former startup are an asset that we understand we must return to the market, and the most tangible and committed way of doing so this is by investing in fintech startups and helping them to grow, ”adds the Latinia executive.

Technological complicity is another aspect that Latinia highlights to invest in fintech ventures, since most of the investments are in B2B, where the Catalan vendor has a sharp positioning with more than 30 tier1 banking references in LatAm.

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