Latinia wants to be the Bank’s seat-mate in its journey to the cloud

Barcelona, ​​February 21st, 2019.– “Cloud is not a single truth or a final destination station, but a trip at different speeds, where we must be sensitive and adapt our offer to the transition banks decide to make, and when they decide to do it. Our responsibility as a vendor is to help our customers to progress gradually and adequately to this new context, hence we have deployed a roadmap with several stops and exploitation formats, “said Oriol Ros, director of marketing, relative to the vendor’s approach to the cloud world.

“The question that needs to be addressed is, it is my bank prepared for a leap that is more cultural than technological? And with what speed? We think that before reaching a 100% cloud scenario, or what it is commonly known as a pure native cloud, the client will go through some hybrid stages, where he will prioritize that his software infrastructure may be compatible with a cloud-ready ecosystem. Slowly but surely, that industry moves in stages, hence our proposal to escort banks step by step, “Ros continued.

Different lines of exploitation will coexist within our offer; the on-premise versions will coexist with cloud-ready versions, prepared for an imminent leap into the cloud, with native cloud versions. Our mission is in that sense to ensure operational continuity whatever the adoption of the cloud scenario and give a gradual response at the speed that the bank decides to print, “concluded Ros.

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