LIMSP© new 3.9.3 release moves towards customizing content

Barcelona, January 16th, 2013. – “More important than any other headline, the main highlight of this new release concerns everything encompassing customization; we are addressing a person and his or her circumstances, no longer a GSM or an e-mail account, a real quantum leap in terms of relevance” Ricard Rovira, head of Latinia Lab, announced regarding the latest LIMSP© release, assessed as a CMMI project by the Software Engineering Institute’s SCAMPI method.

“This release is very balanced between what the market is telling us, I’m mainly talking about listening, understanding, and applying latest trends, and what is being requested by our customers,” Rovira continued. ” We are at a point in time where the multi-channel, beyond text messaging, makes up an important part of our R&D, like the need of many organizations to be more relevant in the eyes of their customers, whereby the latter’s data processing comes to represent a prominent part of the new LIMSP© informational module” Rovira continued.

“LIMSP© is a product that is adaptable to 90% of all third-party products on the market; we have continued adding portings in order to adapt to each customer’s circumstances, which of course requires a significant commitment by the factory” Rovira commented, who wanted to highlight “the innovative nature of this release” citing the new Twitter collector for direct messages, “which although has some imitations on the part of the supplier, represents something logical and natural in the multi-channel context and a financial institution’s relationship with its customers.”

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