More Mobile Banking, Customer Experience, and Predictive Analytics, Strategic Priorities for Latin American Banks in 2015

Bogotá, January 27th, 2015. – According to the latest annual survey conducted by Latinia among financial institutions in Latin America and Spain, where they were asked their key strategies in 2015, “more” mobile banking, in any of its forms, followed by “Customer Experience”, ranked as top priorities and areas of investment.

The survey, carried out last December suggested up to 15 areas of interest that were scored from most to least relevant for each bank. Thus, “more” mobile banking continues to be the main strategic priority for the great majority of financial institutions in the region, with 97 out of 100 possible points. Close behind is a cluster of 5 trends, led by Customer Experience (91/100), Cross Selling and Digital Payments (both with 89 of 100), Omni-Channeling (87), and Predictive Analytics (86). Further behind these first 6 elements are Facebook (78), Personal Finance Managers (75), Gamification (73), Twitter (71), Wearables and Open Banking (APIs to third parties) 64, Cloud Banking (62) and finally, as least relevant area is TV Banking (40), apparently not generating much interest among innovation areas of financial institutions*.

“Though it hasn’t been a big surprise since we deal with it daily, the overwhelming priority of Mobile Banking has really attracted our attention; it is also reasonable that Customer Experience and Cross Selling are also in top positions, since media outlets tagged them insistently as hot trends in 2014. It is somewhat surprising, however, to see the ranking of Digital Payments, a strategic area we would have predicted to be higher rated, and finally, also to see little Social Network and Cloud Banking commitment from a strategic perspective”, commented Oriol Ros, Latinia’s head of marketing.

* Disclaimer: The survey has a certain bias as it has been carried out with direct or close Professionals to Multichannel Banking responsibilities

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