“Now it’s not about trying to be one step ahead of the competition, but your customers’ needs”

Mexico City, February 7, 2013. – “Not only there are not two customers alike, neither are there two similar moments in their financial life; there is always something relevant to their interests that we should be able to know how to identify and notify them. That is the banking experience path that should lead us to better monetize their business activity and accelerate their life cycle as a customer within the bank”, Daniel Aguilar, Latinia Sales Manager for Latin America, conferred today in the fourth edition of Mobile Money & Payments Mexico, a pioneering event in Latin America on payments, trade and mobile banking.

In his speech Aguilar analyzed the various mobile banking alternatives that converge around a terminal. “In contrast with the typical mobile banking services, Apps or Mobile Web, where the customer is proactive towards the bank, notification services, where the customer should not have to make any effort to approach, offer enormous possibilities due to their coverage and possibilities. This is not just about technologies making it possible to exploit the notification concept today, but thinking about how many screens will manage to get our attention, and we will interact with, tomorrow” Aguilar continued.

“Messaging goes far beyond popular text messaging, the life of which will take many years to demise in any case; we are already talking about push notifications, tweet banking, or TV Banking; all allow for smart notifications if we effectively work the customer’s financial, socio-demographic and spatiotemporal context. The unstoppable and constant emergence of new notification technologies that overcome the limitations of traditional notification channels allow new push banking services to be developed and to constantly enrich a bank’s offering, Aguilar ended.

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