Recognition of the business units’ needs and transferring it to quality attributes in an infrastructure, main conclusions of the 2nd Latinia mBanking Webinar “Examples of Integration in Financial Institutions”

Accurately identifying and understanding the scope of the financial entity’s business units’ needs and transferring these requirements to quality attributes in an infrastructure were the main conclusions of the 2nd Latinia mBanking Webinar. This time it addressed the integration aspects of a middleware solution in the financial institutions’ corporate information application and system environments. The event was once again graced by Grupo Banco Popular’s cooperation and success story. On this occasion, the speaker was Diego David Garcia, one of the people behind the Development of Multi-channel Banking for the 4th largest Spanish bank.

Garcia focused his speech on those aspects that from Grupo Banco Popular’s standpoint were understood as “key elements for success” in the process of integrating solutions and a mobile banking project. He stressed the following points: making all areas involved participate, mainly architecture and development, and maximum alignment between the Business and IT divisions. He also thoroughly described the integration processes against the corporate systems of an institution, both batch and online events, in a clear indication that reusing the logic of “what already exists” is a fundamental part of a mobile banking project.

Marc Alcón, Latinia’s CTO, stressed the importance of “knowing and understanding the business objectives well so that they can be transferred to infrastructure quality attributes and requirements”. We need to define the attribute implementation tactics such as availability, scalability, resilience, reliability, error tolerance, performance, usability as well as priority among them. We must also have tools to subsequently measure the quality metrics to confirm that these are covering the business requirements”, noted Alcón.

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