“Push notifications can change the relationship between a bank and its clients”

Bogotá, August 24, 2012.- “Mobile Apps are digitally what an office is physically; to ‘enter’, the client is required to make an effort, to access the bank. The will to ‘go’ to the bank should exist… but, what happens when we are unable to or simply do not access it for a few days? Could we be missing out on something? That is, in part, the responsibility of push notifications, it is a concierge that informs us of everything, so that nothing important slips past us”, this is how Daniel Aguilar, Latinia’s commercial director for Latin America, described the opportunity.

“Push notifications (PNS) are a very important injection of activity for mobile Apps. This is the best stimulus for their use, as well as an excellent channel of business for the bank. They support and encourage use of the App, lengthen its life span, and feed the consumption of its content”, commented Aguilar. “They multiply the direct response from any other channel by 3, which in our case is even more sensible because of our cross selling notification offer, as well as help with updates, allowing the bank to push new added value services”, noted the region’s commercial supervisor for the Catalan software vendor.

“Push notifications are like a nutritional supplement for an App. They help them to remain ‘active’, stretching their life span, which tends to languish if the bank is unable to keep the client stimulated, and push notifications (PNS) are the best messenger. They provide a traceability that other notification systems do not allow, more security, the highly desired read receipt, and they enormously enrich the client experience thanks to a graphical user interface friendlier and more interactive, aimed to favor a greater degree of response from the client, an lastly, more engagement”, described Aguilar.

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