Social Media Notifications are a real win-win for banks and customers

Madrid, June 8th 2015. – “The range of possibilities where to send a notification grows geometrically these days; new media, new formats, and new platforms hatch; that increases customer choices and creates new contexts to enrich the experience with his organization, all while offering new interaction windows for the bank, “said Oriol Ros, Latinia’s marketing manager about messaging and social media new binomial.

“From Latinia we have focused our attention and resources primarily in two social media or platforms, as well as we should consider them,” Ros introduced. A few weeks ago at its f8 developer conference, Facebook announced its purpose to reinvent his Messenger as a platform for a more compelling interaction between customers and brands, streamlining communications. Channel’s immediacy and user adoption, banks’ clients as well makes Facebook’s brand-new proposal (Businesses on Messenger) add a time-sensitive new dimension to the current interaction model between banks and its customers.”

On the other hand, Twitter has recently softened its direct messages policy, very restrictive initially but clearly aimed to step up as a new one to one confidential communication’s channel between a brand and its customers. Though there still are some limits on the daily number of messages sent that prevent a real commercial exploitation (Latinia launched its “tweet banking” channel long ago), “its possibilities, given user engagement and adoption levels, are undeniable “said Ros.

“The reasons that drive banks to have presence on Social Media are beyond suspicion, despite its initial shyness approach. Taking away their usual corporate fan-pages, in operational terms banks have not gone beyond applications limited to mirror the functionality of its online banking. Social Banking really disrupts and surpasses that idea. It does not expect channels with the same features but to offer new approaches, different services based on a new channel DNA, and Social Media precisely push those new windows opportunities. Social Media users, likewise bank customers, spend from 6 to 8 hours a day with their browser up or permanently tab their cell to check info; users pay with their attention content delivered by Social Media; this is what you need to understand and take advantage of: symmetrical gains for both banks and their customers”, ended Latinia’s spokesperson.

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