“Today, a bank’s most valuable asset is to have their customer’s attention”

Barcelona, September 25, 2012. – “How do you attract the attention of someone who receives 3,000 ad hits per day? How do you capture a second of their finite and predictably saturated attention?”, in this manner, Francesc Pérez, business director, summarized the essence of the main thoughts he shared a few weeks ago in the Club of Panama, in the presence of the remaining executives. Pérez made a note of his recipe: “work the context of each customer and be microsurgical with the contents you push them; that is the only way we will be relevant to their interests”.

“To send the right content, to the adequate person, at the exact moment and within a timely context, that’s the formula for success, no doubt a challenge fit for their potential. To compete in price, with an absolutely undifferentiated offer, or apply more advertising pressure to somehow gain their affection are not already formulae; the offer must be interesting to them, be financially attractive, but above all beneficial to their interests, because their interests are not those of another, neither are their interests in the morning the same as in the afternoon; we must take our communication with customers even to that level of demand”.

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