Wearables start a new age in the world of notifications

Madrid, March 24th 2015. – “There’s nothing else other than seeing how cautious Apple has been for notification’s consumption on their brand-new Apple Watch to get notice about its hidden potential. Brands and financial institutions alike face a new window to interact with their customers in a more personal, relevant way. Tech offers us another opportunity to capture their attention, ground you do not forget, we even compete with up to Angry Birds, “according to Oriol Ros, Latinia’s marketing manager.

“Take a look at the screen of a smartwatch is infinitely more natural than withdraw a cellphone from one’s pocket; the model of physical interaction with the device is already part of our most primitive reflexes, resulting in a more immediate information consumption. Here and now, time and space acquire greater weight into the client’s context. Notifications won’t stack until we decide to pay some attention to the cell; they simply appear in our minds because the naturalness of turning a wrist works faster than the speed to decide whether to turn it or not”, according Ros.

“This past Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona has light up an undeniable reality; vendors are betting high for bracelets or smartwatches. Brands therefore face a new challenge, discover how to interact with their customers through a new channel; in Latinia we’d like to call it #wearbanking.”

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