“With push nots Latinia converts bank Apps into communication tools”

Barcelona, October 25, 2011- “To think strictly in terms of the cost advantage of this technology over others such as SMS messaging is insufficient, or not do justice to the push nots (PNS), whose benefits go far beyond the monetary aspects that are being associated with them. Against the universality of other options such as messaging, which are very present and will be for many more years in environments such as the financial industry, the PNS is a new alternative for customer relations, it works for their convenience, thinks about their availability, while as technology incorporates important benefits in terms of security and traceability”. This is how Francesc Perez, Business manager of Latinia, has summarized the value of the push nots (PNS) value proposition, which were recently incorporated into the multichannel offering of Latinia’s SDP (service delivery platform) middlewares.

“Not only have emerged elements in the demand made its addition into a channel’s offering obvious, the very important bias in sales smartphones already represent or the popularization of flat rates tariffs, have pushed entities to focus on the App format. Its incorporation is above all in line and coherent with how financial entities understand that they must work in the future, providing elements which improve the convenience and availability in the relationship with their customers. We now not only resort to the most ideal channel to communicate with them, but within these channels, they can and we can, always choose the best option, which best fits the customer, considering their availability. Entities are focusing on applications and their potential complement, the push nots (PNS), which allows us, as specialists in asynchronous channels, to break down our contribution to the Bank by leveraging greater value to its range of financial applications. Apps go from being reactive to the client’s initiative, to becoming equipped with elements that allow them to communicate with their customers”, added Pérez.

Functionally and technologically the push nots (PNS) add important security and traceability elements to the communications of the financial entity. Reading the contents of the received push not may require logging into the entity’s application, and this operation allows you to know if the client has read the message. Until now one could only know if the message had been delivered but not read. On the other hand the push nots (PNS) overcome the classical limit of characters in text messaging, extending the space by up to 60% more, “a wider window” to say things, to be more relevant with our content, and not just be strictly informative.

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