Social Media Notifications are a real win-win for banks and customers

Madrid, June 8th 2015. – “The range of possibilities where to send a notification grows geometrically these days; new media, new formats, and new platforms hatch; that increases customer choices and creates new contexts to enrich the experience with his organization, all while offering new interaction windows for the bank, “said Oriol Ros, Latinia’s marketing […]

Wearables start a new age in the world of notifications

Madrid, March 24th 2015. – “There’s nothing else other than seeing how cautious Apple has been for notification’s consumption on their brand-new Apple Watch to get notice about its hidden potential. Brands and financial institutions alike face a new window to interact with their customers in a more personal, relevant way. Tech offers us another […]

Wearables will expand the spatiotemporal window for the reception of notifications

Madrid, January 21th 2014. – “They will reach us making a lot of noise, having already landed in the track yourself movement and becoming familiar with its massive presence, but the financial industry won’t suffer a lesser impact due to the tremendous potential of the wearable devices, said Oriol Ros, marketing director of Latina. “These […]

“Banks and new players are at a time of mutual observation”

Madrid, June 25, 2013. – “They’re watching themselves, feeling as much curiosity as distrust of each other, and do not know whether to compete or to cooperate. One takes innovation in its DNA, the other one knows for more than a century how to move in the regulatory backstage “, with those words sums up […]

“Relevance is the only antidote to combat the attention crash”

Madrid, April 24th, 2013.- “In a scenario of approaching overload, cause of the thousands of impacts that a consumer daily receives claiming his attention, the only way to get that magical moment when he listens to us is looking for its WOW. People forget what you say, what you do, but never will forget how […]

“Client circumstances outline a new real-time management scheme”

Madrid, 22nd October 2012.- Francesc Pérez, business manager for the software vendor Latinia, affirms that “real time between a client’s financial activity and the generation of an informative notification has been comfortably handled by the majority of financial institutions for some time now. Nowadays, this real-time objective has become part of a new scenario, i.e., […]

“Competing to be relevant in real time is the new battleground for banking”

Madrid, June 26, 2012.- “Understanding the customer’s context is the key for a new dialog based on the relevance between financial institutions and their customers”. With these words, Oriol Ros, Latinia’s marketing manager, summed up his presentation, “Welcome to the age of relevance”, which took place today in Madrid, within the framework of a conference […]

Mobile Banking in Latin America goes on the offensive

Madrid, March 15, 2012.- According to the recent report unveiled by Latinia titled “Mobile Banking in Latin America”, already in its 4th edition, and that analyzes the penetration of mobile financial services among the 100 top entities of the region, “the offer of services through the mobile channel has now entered a more qualitative rather […]

“The debate is not whether the bank should have more or less offices, an App, a mobile portal or SMS Banking, but rather if it is customer-centric or not”

Madrid, January 23, 2012. – “The current economic context has intensified a debate, which has occupied the banking sector over the last decade, regarding their actual mix of channels in the future and the impact of these on their commercial offer. Although this debate is important, there is another which is equally relevant; regardless of […]